Top 5 Bathroom Remodel Projects

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kohler toilets1. The Kohler Bathroom is the new Den

More and more, people are going to the bathroom to relax after a day in the rush here-rush there world. Homeowners are upgrading the bathrooms – remodeling them with everything from Kohler Comfort Height toilets to the Luxury Kohler Numi Toilet – to make themselves comfortable and luxurious.


2. Throw in the Kohler Sinkkohler above counter  bathroom sink

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars and put up with weeks of construction mess to transform your bathroom sink. Kohler has found a way to radically change the appearance of a ’70s-era bathroom sink without breaking the bank. Remodel you bathroom in a weekend with an easy to install Above-counter Kohler sink.


kohler soaking tub3. Kohler Bath: A New Sensory Experience

The hot tub is dead, but the quiet, serene experience of a soaking tub is very much alive. You can even remodel with a Kohler VibrAcoustic Tub that sends out vibrations that surround your body and resound throughout your core as slow, sonic rhythms pulse both above and below the waterline. Just plug in your smartphone, tablet or MP3 player. Add your own receiver to stream using Bluetooth® wireless technology.


4. Kohler Showers: Forget About Curtainskohler shower systems

Showers are big, literally. In small bathrooms, homeowners are tearing out the tub to expand the shower. Not only is the shower stall getting larger, it’s getting more airy, with much more glass. Hinged Shower doors and heavier glass, instead of the sliding glass panels found in bathtubs is a huge trend. People want luxury in their bathrooms. They want to feel like they’re going into a spa.


bathroom lighting5. Let there be light

Master bathrooms are becoming sanctuaries, people want them to be brighter and well lit. Today a well-lit bathroom depends on a mix of different types of lighting. Bath areas are becoming larger, so general lighting, such as recessed fixtures, is needed to illuminate these areas. Controlled lighting is used to establish the proper mood.


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