Kitchen Sinks


Everything And The Kitchen Sink

“Every kitchen needs a sink,” says Owen Martz, a personal shopper for Solutions Bath.

Owen’s main goal is to help customers choose a sink that will work well in their kitchen. Owen always asks customers how they plan to use their kitchen sink. “It will make a big difference in which one I’ll recommend,” he says.

Here’s Your Kitchen Sink Options:

kohler drop in kitchen sink

Kitchen sinks are typically made from stainless steel or enamel-coated cast iron.

Owen recommends a stainless steel sink because of its undermount capability for customers who choose solid surface counters like granite or engineered stone.

“If you’re hard on your kitchen sink,” Owen says, “Stainless Steel construction is often the best choice.”

When shopping for a kitchen sink, keep in mind that lower-gauge stainless steel makes for a better quality kitchen sink. Some people find stainless steel kitchen sinks noisy, but that’s a problem that can be addressed by choosing a design featuring sound-absorption technology.

“Enamel-coated cast iron kitchen sinks are probably the prettiest of all the sinks on the market today,” Owen says. But, he warns that enamel can scratch and wear over time.

Owen says,“If you wash large pots and pans yet want the functionality of a double-bowl sink, then a Smart Divide kitchen sink is the way to go.”

apron fron kitchen sink

Solutions Bath offers single-, double- and triple-bowl sinks to match the way you work – whether you use your dishwasher for dishes and just wash large pots in the sink, or you hand-wash your dishes and want to separate clean and dirty items. You’ll also find a variety of bowl sizes in our offering and may want to consider a sink with a wet work surface for food preparation.

Owen’s favorite kitchen sink is the Apron Front Sink. Often called farmhouse sinks because they evoke images of traditional kitchens, KOHLER apron-front sinks have a stylish panel in front and are available in both tile-in and under-mount models.

Self-Trimming® installation lets you install an apron-front sink with most conventional cabinetry. Our fresh approach to color and material includes apron-front options in KOHLER enameled cast iron and stainless steel for any décor.

The Top Mount Kitchen Sink is an easy model to install,” says Owen. Frequently used with laminate counters, the top-mount sink’s rim extends above the countertop surface and supports the sink’s weight. Clips and bolts under the counter hold the sink securely in place. “Many of our sinks accommodate both under-mount and top-mount applications,” he says.

Under-Mount Kitchen Sinks mount beneath the counter and are most often used with solid-surface countertop materials like granite and marble. Owen says, “Under-mount installation highlights the curved contours of the sink bowl and makes counter cleanup a breeze. Many of our sinks accommodate both under-mount and top-mount applications.”

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