Kitchen Faucets

kohler kitchen sink faucetThe Kitchen Faucet Showroom Guide

Whether you’re replacing your old kitchen faucet or picking a new kitchen faucet as part of a larger remodeling project…

Here’s a few questions to think about before the water starts to flow.

How Many Holes Are in Your Sink?

If you’re doing a quick DIY remodel by replacing your old kitchen faucet, choose a new one that has the same number of holes in the deck of the sink as the one that’s being tossed.

Single-Handle faucets (with integrated handle and spout) need 1 hole for the handle / spout piece and usually require a separate hole for a sprayer. Traditional 2 Handle Kitchen faucets, with hot and cold taps, require 3 holes for the handles and spout. Other options, such as integrated sprayers and soap dispensers, can create other requirements.

What Kind Of Sprayer Do You Want?kitchen faucets showroom denver

If you prefer a clean sink deck without a sidespray or additional accessories, a pull-down faucet may be the right choice for you. Pull-down Kitchen Faucets typically feature a generous spout height as well as multiple spray options – stream, spray and pause – for easy use.

Offering the same functionality as pull-down faucets, Pullout Kitchen Faucets generally have a larger section of the faucet that pulls away. If you like a larger grip area, a Pullout Kitchen Faucet may be more comfortable for you to use.

What About  A Wall Mount Kitchen Faucet?

If you like little to no clutter on your counters, a wall-mount faucet can help you achieve that clutter-free look. Several of our deck-mount faucets, in traditional and contemporary styles, are available as wall-mount faucets.

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