Bar – Prep Sinks

kohler bar sinkA bar sink, also known as a prep sink, is a type of sink that is generally smaller than a standard kitchen sink and of course, does not necessarily need to be in the kitchen. Bar/prep sinks can be anywhere that there’s a “bar”. You can have a prep sink in the basement family room, upstairs in a playroom or even in an outdoor kitchenette or grill area; (of course, you can also place it on a kitchen island if you need the extra sink space.)

Here’s How To Choose a Prep/Bar Sink:

Before you pick out a prep sink, you need to stop and think “where is this prep sink going to go and what am I going to use it for?” For example, if you’re using the bar sink in an upstairs playroom, you may really only intend it to be used for washing hands, getting a drink of water or rinsing out cups. In that case, a smaller prep sink less than 15 inches wide may be appropriate. If you’re placing your bar sink outside in a grilling area or in an actual basement bar, you may prefer to choose a larger bar sink that is over 15 inches in width.

There are several sizes, colors, styles and materials for prep/bar sinks. You may love the 3 hole sink’s style, size and color but can you find a fixture to match?

Here Are Some Types of Bar/Prep Sinks:

For just under $50, you can get a standard stainless steel square shaped bar sink (with two faucet openings.) Of course, the more popular and stylish a sink, the more it costs. You can still get an Under-mount bar sink for around $150 (this particular example is 18 inches wide.)

Copper is especially popular right now and of course, you can find a round, modern hammered copper sink for under $200 (this particular example is $179.) Some sinks even include accents such as a Fleur-De-Lis on each wall.

Sinks aren’t just round, square, rectangular or oval. If you’re willing to pay more for a stylish sink that will wow your guests, you can get styles like kidney-shaped bar/prep sinks.

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