Introducing Exhale Showerheads, Handshowers and Components


Discover the best KOHLER® multifunction spray experience with Exhale™ showerheads and handshowers

Exhale’s unique sprayface delivers a signature showering experience designed to calm your mind and invigorate your body. Inspired by the delicate petals of a dahlia, the design brings a gentle elegance to the shower. The silicone s prayface complements a variety of bathroom decors with its clean, soft appearance. Available in showerhead and handshower models, Exhale features up to four unique sprays: Full Coverage, Drenching Rain, Intense Massage and Silk

Distinctive Aesthetics

  • Unique silicone elastomer sprayface with decorative pattern
  • Flush nozzles cover full area of sprayface
  • Distinct natural, organic design provides opportunity to coordinate with transitional or modern surroundings

Available with 1.5 gpm or 2.0 gpm flow rates

  • 90 mm diameter (B90) sprayfaces deliver 1.5 gallons per minute (gpm) of water
  • 120 mm diameter (B120) sprayfaces deliver 2.0 gpm of water
  • Meets Watersense requirements for force, coverage and flow

Meaningful Multifunction Spray Performance

  • Three Functions (Katalyst Full Coverage, Pulsating Massage and Drenching Rain) on the 90 mm (B90) sprayface
  • Four Functions (Katalyst Full Coverage, Pulsating Massage, Drenching Rain and Silk) on the 120 mm (B120) sprayface
  • Katalyst Full Coverage: experience large, luxurious water drops that retain heat longer with Katalyst air-induction full-coverage spray
  • Intense Massage: a revitalizing and soothing massage spray to target sore muscles
  • Drenching Rain: an exhilarating, circular water pattern that creates a wide, warm drenching spray
  • Silk: enjoy soft, silky drops that are gentle on pets, kids and sensitive skin (available only on B120 size)

Enhanced Product Ergonomics

Water and Energy Conservation

  • Reduced flow ensures that all products will meet WaterSense, CALGREEN, CEC and LEED requirements

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